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Letter to Santa Clarans - Seat 6 - Vote By Mail / Nov. 8th. PDF Print E-mail

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Sunday, November 6, 2016 [updated]

Dear Fellow Santa Claran:

     We're in the final stretch and few hours away from the election-day, November 8th, I want to reach out to you and request your support and vote for my Seat #6, City Council, Santa Clara. My vision/plan for Santa Clara is available at:

     I am honored to share with you that I have been endorsed by San Jose Mercury News (October 11, 2016): "Nadeem, a professor of business administration, is a longtime civic volunteer who has run before. Nadeem is an analytical, middle-ground candidate. Nadeem has a broader, more balanced approach to issues".

     I am also pleased to share with you that I have received strong Editorial support [Milestones] from the Publisher, Santa Clara Weekly (October 12, 2016): "Nadeem's valueadded qualities is his skill to listen, process and make objective decisions. He is bright, articulate and current on the issues facing Santa Clara":…/Issue-42/milestones.html

     I addition, SC Weekly also suggested to: "Vote qualified people into office" - deserve to be elected on their merits of independence, integrity"  [Santa Clara Weekly, October 26, 2016].

     Please view my live interview with Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce board (August 24, 2016) to see my vision/priorities for Santa Clara:

     I am requesting you to ‘Follow the money’ and review my campaign disclosure reports of Sept 30th on the City of Santa Clara Website. I do NOT owe any favors to any special interest. I have never, ever accepted any money from PAC, SuperPAC neither in my previous elections, nor in the current election cycle. My donors are hardworking common/everyday bay area residents/Santa Clarans who are fully behind my council campaign. My Profile is available in the Santa Clara Weekly from October 5, 2016 interview with the Weekly reporter David Alexander.

      As your Council member with an 'independent voice', I will give my 100% to champion for outstanding core services, economic/fiscal responsibility and transparent city government. I am also pleased to have received strong support from a Santa Clara resident, Elizabeth Scruth in her support letter to the Mercury News wrote (October 3, 2016): “Nadeem is an independent thinker & is a passionate advocate for Women’s rights

     I am also grateful to have Citywide support among residents of Santa Clara as we've reached out to over thirty thousand city residents through our---“Liveable [Affordable] Santa Clara with a Walkable Downtown”---campaign over the Summer and Fall this year with over '1400 Likes' strong on my facebook campaign page:

    I am honored to have received strong support from a number of elected officials including CA State Senator, Hon. Jim Beall; Santa Clara County Supervisor President, Dave Cortese, and many other elected officials, city, community, and business leaders:  

     It's time for a new style of leadership on Seat #6, Santa Clara City Council. As the publisher of the Santa Clara Weekly said (Oct. 12, 2016): Nadeem is definitely an idea whose time has come”:

     I wanted to "thank you for voting for Council balance and a Santa Clara brighter future". […/Issue-45/milestones.html - Nov. 2, 2016].

     Finally my wife, Sarah, and I will be honored to receive your 'Vote by Mail' today or on Election Day, November 8th. With your kindness, support/vote, and prayers we will win on November 8th.

     Kind Regards, 
Dr. Nadeem - Seat #6 - City Council - Santa Clara. 


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