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In Today's Merc...Oct 4, 2016 PDF Print E-mail

Mercury News - Oct. 4 Readers Letters:

Elect Nadeem to Santa Clara City Council

I am writing to endorse Mohammed Nadeem for Seat 6 on the Santa Clara City Council. There are many compelling reasons to vote for him:

1. He is an independent thinker and not tied to the old establishment

2. He completely endorses Advanced Practice Nurses- Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists working to their full capacity at the VA hospitals. The federal government is trying  to block this, and our veterans deserve better. He is the only candidate who has ever spoken about this issue.

3. He embraces family values and reduced congestion in our city

4.  He is a passionate advocate for Women’s rights.

Nurses, firefighters, city workers and citizens of Santa Clara, please step up and vote for Mohammed Nadeem. He represents us all.

Lizzie Scruth
Santa Clara


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