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My Vision for Santa Clara - 5-Point Plan...for Nov.8th PDF Print E-mail
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Vision for Santa Clara:  
[My remarks from City's 2nd Candidate Forum - Council Chambers - Santa Clara---as we 'vote by mail' or in person on Nov.8th]:  
  As you may know, the main reason i am running in this election is--- as a council member, I want to make sure that Santa Clara is a vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equal opportunities for success and happiness.  
Here is my 5-point vision for our beautiful city:
1. One Santa Clara: I want to make sure that disparities are eliminated so all Santa Clara residents [high tech engineers and working poor & seniors] can participate, prosper and happy.
2. A hub of economic activity and innovation: As a council member, I will make sure that businesses – big and small – start, stay and grow here for the greater good.
3. Great Places: Natural (Ulistac) and built spaces (Youth Soccer Park) work together and our environment is protected especially with Measure ‘R’ success this Nov.8th.
4. Living well: I will fight for a livable [affordable] Santa Clara with a walkable downtown that has an active and connected way of life for our city with permannent goodness.
5. A City that works: I want to also make sure that our City government runs well and connects to the community it serves. Hence, I am calling to establish “Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC)”,(source: city of minneapolis).
We have civil services, planning and other commissions, so why not create a new commission---urgently needed--"The Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission" that would shape how the City engages its residents and works with neighborhood and community organizations as well as oversee programming details and funding for neighborhood revitalization work. 
I will continue to engage the community as all have a voice and are heard. I will make sure that we value our City employees and that our employees are supported and take pride in public service. I will continue to work hard to build & restore public trust. And finally, as an active council member, I will make sure that we work in an open, ethical and transparent manner.  
I humbly ask for your support and vote for Nov. 8th.
Thank you. DrNadeem
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