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Meet & Greet @ Dr Tom & Michelle's House PDF Print E-mail

with-candidates-2016Dr. Tom Castro and Michelle Castro opened up their beautiful home for a few candidates to meet their neighbors today Saturday September 10th.  This probably was a first in Santa Clara politics where at least 50% of the competing City Council candidates met together in such an open and positive environment to enjoy time together while in the middle of the campaign season!

Even though a few of the candidates were in the same election seat race the gathering was a successful and comfortable event together in friendship and goodwill.  Many of the neighbors of the Castros came over to meet and to informally talk with all of the candidates.  Some brought lists of questions to query each candidate separately!  All the neighbors and the candidates enjoyed the very special opportunity to talk with each other in the extremely friendly atmosphere.  The food put together by Michelle Castro was outstanding and the beautiful weather didn't hurt the occasion either!

The candidates present were Patty Mahan and Markus Bracamonte (Seat #4), Suds Jain, Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, and Anthony Becker in Seat 6, Teresa Oneill in Seat 7, and John McLemore in Seat 3. Ahmad Rafah (Seat 7) was unable to attend at the last minute due to a family conflict.

(Courtesy: John McLemore's email dated Sep 10, 2016)

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