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Support Letters - From Santa Clara Residents... PDF Print E-mail

I am humbled and honored to have received three letters of

support and endorsement from the residents of Santa Clara in the

Santa Clara Weekly (Thank you Stephanie, Michelle and Elizabeth for

your trust and support):


"I am writing to endorse Dr. Nadeem for City Council. I am Caucasian but feel that the Council is not representative of the population of Santa Clara.

We have a large number of educated, forward-thinking minorities that would be an asset to our city government. Dr.Nadeem is at the top of the list.

He did well in the previous election even without having what I felt was a visible presence. I didn't even know about him until a couple of weeks before the election. This time, his ads and fliers let people know more about him and his positions on issues and visions for our future. I would be delighted if the residents of Santa Clara voted him in for a position on the Santa Clara City Council.

Yours truly,
Stephanie Onufer


"I am a longtime and loyal reader of The Weekly but this is my first time writing to the Editor. I am writing today because I believe Dr. Nadeem is the best candidate for our City Council. He has already been proven to have a large amount of support of the voters in the last election. I also don't take likely the endorsements of him by our Mayor, The Chamber of Commerce and The Mercury News among the many others. I encourage Santa Clara voters to elect Dr. Nadeem.

Michelle Schmitz"


"I am writing to put my support behind Dr. Nadeem. Finally there is a candidate for City Council that has all the qualities that the Santa Clara City needs to make it a world class city.

Dr. Nadeem is a true professional who has the support of many organizations and elected officials. He has been on many boards and I have seen him be fair and balanced when considering all options of cases presented to him.

Dr. Nadeem will represent all ethnicities in Santa Clara. Isn't it time the residents of Santa Clara were represented by an official who is fair, balanced, believes in ethics and will always support Santa Clara?

Elizabeth Scrett-Chaves"














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