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Friday, 03 September 2010 12:02

 June 1, 2014

Dear Friends,

    As we get closer to the filing deadline, our campaign is going strong for my City Council Seat 2. I am humbled by the increasing support among the residents of Santa Clara---as the requests for our lawn signs continues to grow, and the donations for the campaign are climbing steadily.

     As I knock on the doors, among many local issues---improving City's economic & fiscal situation, balancing City Budget and maintaining City's core services---are on the minds of most residents of Santa Clara.  Hence, I believe the 'choice is clear' for Santa Clarans as highlighted in the Santa Clara Weekly..."A name you are probably familiar with is Mohammed Nadeem, who in his first attempt  for Council in 2010 garnered 44 percent of the vote. He ran against retired policeman and  former Councilman Pat Kolstad"... .  I am honored to bring a strong business background and a 'new fiscal sense'.     

     Over the next several weeks, I would complete and submit 'candidate questionnaires' for endorsements from a variety of associations and hopefully will be honored by many including---Chamber of Commerce, and Labor Council, etc.  I appreciate the trust and support from community and business leaders, associations, commissioners and elected officials.

     In the next ninety days, I am looking forward to the opportunities to meet with most of you at City forums, and talking with you by continuing to knock on your doors for your support and trust.

     Again, as implied by Santa Clara Weekly earlier over the last four years---The choice is clear for Seat 2---I humbly ask for your Vote on November 4th, 2014.  Thank you. 

Kind Regards, Mohammed NADEEM, Ph.D.

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