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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dear Fellow Santa Claran:

     I hope this note finds you exceptionally well! As we get close to the election-day, November 8th, I want to reach out to you and request your support and vote for my Seat #6, City Council, Santa Clara. My vision/plan for Santa Clara is available at:

     I am honored to share with you that I have been endorsed by San Jose Mercury News (October 11, 2016): "Nadeem, a professor of business administration, is a longtime civic volunteer who has run before. Nadeem is an analytical, middle-ground candidate. Nadeem has a broader, more balanced approach to issues".

     I am also pleased to share with you that I have received strong Editorial support [Milestones] from the Publisher, Santa Clara Weekly (October 12, 2016): "Nadeem's valueadded qualities is his skill to listen, process and make objective decisions. He is bright, articulate and current on the issues facing Santa Clara":…/Issue-42/milestones.html

     Please view my live interview with Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce board (August 24, 2016) to see my vision/priorities for Santa Clara:

     I am requesting you to ‘Follow the money’ and review my campaign disclosure reports of Sept 30th on the City of Santa Clara Website. I do NOT owe any favors to any special interest. I have never, ever accepted any money from PAC, SuperPAC neither in my previous elections, nor in the current election cycle. My donors are hardworking common/everyday bay area residents/Santa Clarans who are fully behind my council campaign. My Profile is available in the Santa Clara Weekly from October 5, 2016 interview with the Weekly reporter David Alexander.

     As your Council member with an 'independent voice', I will give my 100% to champion for outstanding core services, economic/fiscal responsibility and transparent city government. I am also pleased to have received strong support from a Santa Clara resident, Elizabeth Scruth in her support letter to the Mercury News wrote (October 3, 2016): “Nadeem is an independent thinker & is a passionate advocate for Women’s rights

     I am also grateful to have Citywide support among residents of Santa Clara as we've reached out to over thirty thousand city residents through our---“Liveable [Affordable] Santa Clara with a Walkable Downtown”---campaign over the Summer and Fall this year with over '1400 Likes' strong on my facebook campaign page:

    I am honored to have received strong support from a number of elected officials including CA State Senator, Hon. Jim Beall; Santa Clara County Supervisor President, Dave Cortese, and many other elected officials, city, community, and business leaders:  

     It's time for a new style of leadership on Seat #6, Santa Clara City Council. As the publisher of the Santa Clara Weekly said (Oct. 12, 2016): Nadeem is definitely an idea whose time has come”:…/Issue-42/milestones.html

     My wife, Sarah, and I will be honored to receive your 'Vote by Mail' today or on Election Day, November 8th. With your kindness, support/vote, and prayers, we will win on November 8th.

     Kind Regards, 
Dr. Nadeem - Seat #6 - City Council - Santa Clara. 


October 2, 2016

 "A Walkable & Livable Santa Clara"


My Vision for Santa Clara:  

[my remarks from City's 2nd Candidate Forum - Council Chambers - Santa Clara---as we get close to receiving our 'vote by mail' ballots next week for Nov.8th]:  
As you may know, the main reason i am running in this election is--- as a council member, I want to make sure that Santa Clara is a vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equal opportunities for success and happiness.  
Here is my 5-point vision for our beautiful city:
1. One Santa Clara: Disparities are eliminated so all Santa Clara residents [high tech engineers and working poor & seniors] can participate and prosper.
2. A hub of economic activity and innovation: As a council member, I will make sure that businesses – big and small – start, stay and grow here.
3. Great Places: Natural and built spaces work together and our environment is protected especially with Measure ‘R’ success this Nov.8th.
4. Living well: I will fight for a livable [affordable] Santa Clara with a walkable downtown that has an active and connected way of life.
5. A City that works: City government runs well and connects to the community it serves. Hence, I am calling to establish “Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC)”. 
We have civil services, planning and other commissions, so why not create a new commission---urgently needed--"The Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission" that would shape how the City engages its residents and works with neighborhood and community organizations as well as oversee programming details and funding for neighborhood revitalization work. 
I will continue to engage the community as all have a voice and are heard. I will make sure that we value our City employees and that our employees are supported and take pride in public service. I will continue to work hard to build & restore public trust. And finally, as an active council member, I will make sure that we work in an open, ethical and transparent manner. 
I humbly ask for your support and vote for Nov. 8th. Thank you. DrNadeem                  


I will Fight For You:

 To Strengthen Economic Vitality & create more affordable

housing throughout the city with less traffic congestion

& more open space.



  • Economic Vitality:

Do You  Appreciate & Want Economic Vitality?  As a councilmember, and in consultation & collaboration with the council, I would create and establish the City’s “Economic Vitality Division”  that will provide quality services to residents and visitors that preserve and enhance Santa Clara’s economic prosperity.
The Economic Vitality Division will be dedicated to enriching the lives of Santa Clara’s residents and visitors by providing safe and reliable services, and a healthy, vibrant business climate. 

The Economic Vitality Division will be a division within the City of Santa Clara that consists of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Community Investment Section, which includes the Economic Development and Community Design & Redevelopment Programs, and the Santa Clara’s Public Libraries.

I want to make Santa Clara a much more popular place to live and work that would repeatedly tops quality of life, and to be been named the “Smartest Town in CA” and "Best Place in Silicon Valley to Start a Business" and the “Foodiest Town in the Bay Area”.

As a councilmember, I would love to lead the Economic Vitality program to reinforce the importance of economic health to our overall quality of life, and to demonstrate the City's strong support of business and economic sustainability. The city's Economic Vitality strategies will promote innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship in Santa Clara. The program will coordinate and support efforts within the city organization, and with partner groups in the community, to foster the retention and expansion of existing businesses and enhance business services (Source:  Economic Vitality, City of Boulder, 2016).

 ·         Housing - Jobs Imbalance:

 Want to Live and Work in Santa Clara? It's becoming unaffordable to live here! Many families are moving out! Please JOIN me in addressing and improving Santa Clara's current housing-jobs imbalance ratio.I believe Santa Clara is currently facing a housing-jobs imbalance! Currently, Santa Clara seems to be on fire with a variety of numerous housing/building projects all over the City! Change/growth is not a bad idea. However, simply more housing/building is not the only solution for our citizens/residents! 

The ratio of "one job to one household" is not valid anymore as in the current knowledge economy, there are many households with more than one person in the work force! If we're addressing the question that the distribution of housing/jobs is 'not just a ratio' anymore but real, then we need to seriously find long-term solutions. 

Moreover, if our goal is---reduced driving and congestion; fewer air pollution emissions; lower costs to businesses and commuters; lower public expenditures on facilities and services; greater family stability, and higher quality of life--then over the next 5-15 years, what we need is a smart-and-"balanced" mixed use, infill and contiguous development growth---with full citizens/residents participation and engagement for a robust and sustainable citywide growth! 

To put it plainly, in order for us to improve Santa Clara’s current Housing-Jobs imbalance ratio [High Density Housing Development is not the only solution], what we really need is a long-term city-wide sustainable smart-growth strategy and an efficient & effective overall land use and transportation system!

 ·         Reduce Traffic Congestion: 

Are you concerned about growing traffic congestion in Santa Clara? Please JOIN me in finding solutions! This is a proposal (pilot study) for the Police/Traffic Department of Santa Clara to begin the first phase of a multi-year traffic signal optimization  strategy designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic flow throughout the City of Santa Clara. [This proposal is based on a similarly successful traffic congestion mitigation strategy study recently implemented in the W-DC area]. 

Beginning this Fall 2016, the Police/Traffic Department is to implement new traffic signal timing plans for major intersections in Santa Clara. Reducing congestion improves the quality of life for Santa Clara residents, enhances the business environment, and allows visitors to enjoy more of Santa Clara. 

The pilot study is to be based on Santa Clara's traffic engineers' estimates as the optimization in the first phase could reduce traffic delays by up to at least 15-20 percent in some of the impacted areas such as on El-Camino from Lawrence to Lafayette Street! Santa Clara's police/traffic engineers can reprogram the traffic signals using updated pedestrian and vehicular traffic data along with new traffic models reflecting current traffic conditions. The new timing plans are to be designed to accommodate the City of Santa Clara's varying travel demands by time-of-day, including the morning, midday and evening rush hours, as well as the diverse traffic patterns experienced on weekdays, weekends and evenings. 

Along with improving traffic flow, the pilot study is to optimize pedestrian crossing times, reduce motorist travel times, and lower emissions and fuel consumption. The citywide signal optimization initiative could start in Fall 2016 and is intended to improve Santa Clara's entire traffic signal network by Spring 2017. 

Santa Clara Police/Traffic Department is to monitor and make necessary adjustments to the traffic signal timing operations as a pilot study this Fall 2016. Motorists are to be advised to use caution in these areas as they become acquainted with the new signal timing patterns, and report any concerns to appropriate authorities in Santa Clara's Police/Traffic Department. 

The goal of this proposal is to enhance the quality of life for Santa Clara residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely with minimal adverse impact on residents and the environment. [Source: Washington DC-Department of Transportation - May 2016]. 

·         Open Space / Save Ulistac:


Do you appreciate and want Open Space? Please JOIN me in saving and preserving open space in Santa Clara. Over the years, I have supported 'Save Ulistac' Natural Area in Santa Clara as part of my council campaign and continue to do so. 

Again during this 2016 election cycle, I am saying 'yes to open space and no to bulldozers'. As reported in the Mercury News Editorial (Oct 10, 2014) endorsement of my candidacy, I called Ulistac "one of the city's jewels and would protect it" (my letter below). 

I am proud of Santa Clara & Santa Clarans. Our candidacy [Seat #6] is about Experience, Community, Service & Leadership. 



Dear Fellow Santa Clarans: 

     Back in November 2014, I was honored to have received the sole endorsement for Seat #2 from the San Jose Mercury News today, Friday, October 12, 2014: "Nadeem has the right combination of experience and priorities for this time". 
Nadeem for Santa Clara City Council's photo.

     Humbled by the strong support received in Editorial, Santa Clara Weekly, Oct. 15, 2014:


     Also on October 29th, Editorial, Santa Clara Weekly wrote the following:


   And on October 31, Mercury News article reported by :


      Also i was honored to have received the endorsement from "i walk, i bike, i vote group: "Mohammed Nadeem has qualified to be considered for our endorsement for City Council Seat 2 by answering our five questions" -

     I am delighted to highlight that my wife, Sarah, and I are proud parents of our four lovely children. We have lived in Santa Clara for the past 24 years. We absolutely love this City.


Santa Clara is where we work; where our children go to school (westood, buchser, cabrillo), play in the parks, and go to libraries. I want to give back to this City I happily call my home.

     As someone who believes in community, service and leadership---my priorities/goals as your Councilmember are:

to ensure excellent City Services, outstanding public safety, balanced budgets, low cost utilities, senior, youth & library services, sustainable small businesses and new projects including [approved on 6/28/16] Related Santa Clara's City Place($6.5 Billion Development Will Bring Santa Clara Over $20 Million Annually - Santa Clara Weekly, July 9, 2014) that supports parks & recreation development and community gardens for a better quality of life.


     (This map shows the original Montana/Lowe project and the first phase of Related California's City Center project, near the new Levi's Stadium. The other three parcels would be built out later, Silicon Valley Business Journal, June 30, 2014).

Again, as your Council member and a strong supporter of Measure J and newly built Levi's Stadium,


I will always put ' Santa Clara First' and I am proud of Citywide support among Santa Clarans.

I stand for: 

  1. Public Safety / Safe Streets / Reduce Traffic Problems
  2. Soccer Park/Park Refurbishment & Investment in new parks/Save Ulistac
  3. Senior, Youth & Library Services
  4. Economic & Fiscal Responsibility
  5. Related Santa Clara's 'City Place' Projects

     Working together with the Mayor and the Council members, i will revisit options to raise City employee's salaries. Because of the following reasons: our City employees help keep our city beautiful and keep our water safe during this time of drought; Our parks are kept clean and maintained for all to enjoy by our city parks and recreation employees; Our electrical department employees keep our power on and prevent surges of power; Our streets are kept pot hole free and  safe by the street department employees; Our sewer department workers are quick to respond to emergencies.

     As per my campaign disclosure statements of June 30th, and Sept 30th, October 2016 and December, March & June 2017 the monetary contributions I received are mostly from everyday Santa Clarans/local residents. I do not owe any favors to any special interest. 

     I was endorsed by Teresa O'Neill, Council Member, Santa Clara; Senator Jim Beall; Assemblymember Paul Fong; County Board of Supervisors President, David Cortese; & many local community and business leaders & residents.

     It's time for 'Inclusion and new style of leadership on council in Santa Clara'.  I respectfully ask for your consideration. Please Vote by Mail early or on Election Day on Nov.8th, 2016.

Thank you, Dr.Nadeem



 [Support Letter from a Santa Clara resident in the San Jose Mercury News,

Thursday, Sept 18, 2014.]

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