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Strong Support - 'Ulistac' [City's Jewels]

Over the years, I supported 'Save Ulistac' natural area as part of my

council campaign and continue to do so. Again this 2016 election cycle,

please JOIN me in saying 'yes to open space and no to bulldozers'.

As reported in the Mercury News Editorial (Oct 10, 2014) endorsement

of my candidacy, I called Ulistac "one of the city's jewels and

would protect it".

June 16, 2016


Strong Support - Related Santa Clara Project

I continue to be in strong support of Related's 'City Center' project. I am happy to have been part of its study sessions over the past 2-3 years and glad to see that the council approved the project in its last nights (6/28) meeting. I am really proud of this fantastic & vibrant 'city center' project. A perfect multi-phased, mixed-use viable revenue generation destination project for Santa Clara.

June 29, 2016

In today's WSJ...
“You need that fundamental training and education to transfer knowledge to
the next generation of leaders,” said Mohammed Nadeem, professor of marketing
at the School of Business and Management at National University’s
San Jose, Calif., campus. 
I am honored to have been interviewed by a staff reporter, Lindsay Gellman,
from Wall Street Journal. My interview/quote is now available online:
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