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I am saying YES to Measure "R"...

City of Santa Clara has this local measure on the ballot this November 8, 2016:


I am saying "YES" to "R":
Shall Section 714.1 of the Santa Clara City Charter be added to provide that no City owned land used for park or recreational purposes, including the Ulistac Natural Area and the Santa Clara Soccer Park, shall be sold or disposed of by the City without being authorized by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote and that development upon such property shall be subject to referendum?
Labor Day - For Families & Businesses!
"A Liveable And Walkable Santa Clara".
On the eve of Labor Day [Sep 5] Holiday, I want to say Santa Clara, I love you. I want you to be a 'Livable & Walkable Santa Clara' with less Traffic Congestion and more Open Space for all Santa Clarans---especially hard working families trying to put food on the table and struggling to make their monthly apartment and or house payments. I believe we can make Santa Clara liveable and walkable by building housing that is affordable and subsidized especially for working families and deserving residents who are either on the fixed incomes and are in the low income brackets.

As your council member, i will strongly focus on building housing---that is affordable and subsidized. A better approach may be adopting policies that encourage the production of diverse types of housing particularly in the mixed use, industrial, business and or entertainment district areas. My heart goes out to our Seniors and Young families who have been struggling for years either to buy a house and or having continuous hardships in making regular monthly skyrocketing rental payments to stay in Santa Clara.

As your council member, i will make sure that this status will change for the better. Our City residents shouldn't have to leave because of rising housing market pricing structure. What we need is the leadership and the will to take care of our residents who are in need! I have been speaking on this issue and i want to lead this issue and help you to continue to live and stay here in Santa Clara. You've been here for years and you should stay here. Because you're in my heart and I will fight for you and be there for you for better housing, less traffic congestion, and more open space. Certainly 'we can do better'.

In this week's "SC Weekly" - Campaign Funding

"Dr. Mohammed Nadeem who had run before and had

higher name recognition. Nadeem was careful to use funds

prudently and not exceed his voluntary spending cap".

Milestones ---August 24, 2016 - Santa Clara Weekly:

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