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Dear Santa Clara Voters,

     My wife, Sarah, received her 'Vote by Mail Ballot' this morning and returned the 'Voted' Ballot back to Registrar of Voters this afternoon. Over 60% of Santa Clarans are registerd to vote by mail and will recieve their 'vote by mail ballot' this week---October 4th to October 9th and are most likely to return their Voted Ballots on or before October 31st!

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you---the voters of Santa Clara---as I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet tens, hundreds and thousands of you particularly over the last 90 days as I knocked on your doors for support. You've been very gracious and kind. You received me with your open arms. You invited me into your homes.  You demonstrated that you 've an open mind, and a big heart.  Now, the 'Time Has Come' and "The Choice is Clear" as I promise to---

---objectively, rationally, impartially bring my experience and expertise to ensure fiscal accountability. You can count on me to be fair and represent the best interests of the people of Santa Clara -- not one side or the other, not one interest group over the other.  

     I will do my best to fairly weigh all sides of every issue coming before the city council and will not waiver in my commitment with a 'fresh perspective' to our top three priorities---Budget – Fiscally Responsible & Balanced; Economic Development – Growth & Expansion; Stadium (49ers) in Santa Clara – Due Diligence.

     I very humbly and respectfully ask for your Vote.  My kids are enthusiastically looking forward to an amazing & successful Tuesday night---November 2nd. Thanks in advance to all---neighbors/friends/family members/key endorsers (including Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee)/supporters---for your continued trust & support.

Kind Regards, Mohammed NADEEM, Ph.D.

Dr.Nadeem on Smart Voter website + Candidate Forum Video

Dear Friends:

I want to take this opportunity to invite you and the residents/voters of Santa Clara to visit my webpage on the Smart Voter – League of Women Voters website at:               Also I had the honor to participate in the Santa Clara City Council First Candidate Forum televised LIVE held on Sept. 20th. 



Thank you,

Kind Regards, Mohammed NADEEM, Ph.D.

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