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Seat No. 2 - Dr Nadeem - It's time for 'Inclusion'

For November 4,  2014 

Dear Fellow Santa Clarans:

     My wife, Sarah, and I are proud parents of our four lovely children. We have

lived in Santa Clara for the past 22 years. We absolutely love this City. Santa

Clara is where we work; where our children go to school, play in the parks, and

go to libraries. I want to give back to this City I happily call my home.

     As an independent voice, my priorities/goals as your Councilmember are to

ensure: excellent City Services, outstanding public safety, balanced budgets,

low cost utilities, restoring senior and youth services, climate, sustainable small

businesses, and new projects such as Centenial Gateway & Related Santa Clara's

City Place that supports parks & recreation development  for a 

 better quality of life.

     As your representative, I will always put ' Santa Clara First' and

I am proud of Citywide support among Santa Clarans. I stand for:

1. Youth Soccer Park; Parks Refurbishment & Investment in new Parks;

2. Open Space and Ulistac Natural Reserve (Support Measure Q).

3. Restoring Senior, Youth & Library services;

4.  The Montana/Lowe and the Related California's City Place projects

5. Revisiting Options to raise City Employee's Salaries.

     ((If we have a surplus of funds to beautify the City and can spend money on flowers

on El Camino Real & other areas---then we can revisit employees' salaries issue as they

have NOT seen any raise in over 5 years!). )

     As of the first campaign disclosure statement of June 30th, the monetary

contributions I received are mostly from everyday Santa Clarans. I do not owe

anything to any individual and/or any organization.

     I am endorsed by Senator Jim Beall, Assemblymember Paul Fong,

County Board of Supervisors President, David Cortese & many local community

and business leaders & residents.

         As part of civic engagement, for November 2014 elections, if you've

not registered yet, please register to vote now at:

     It's time for 'Inclusion' and new leadership.  I respectfully ask for your consideration. Please

Vote for Dr Nadeem for Seat early vote by mail (VBM) in October,  and or

on Nov.4th, 2014.

Thank you, DrNadeem


For You: Lawn Signs - 2014

Wednesday, August 4, 2014

Dear Friends, 

     It has been an amazingly productive week for our campaign.  Many Santa Clarans are requesting lawn signs and our dedicated team of volunteers will be delivereing them to the residents doors.

     We have plenty of lawn signs in-stock reserved for each, and every house and business in Santa Clara.  Our  team of volunteers are ready to deliver them to the residents on-demand within an hour or so to anywhere in Santa Clara. The support for our campaign continues to grow every day, and many Santa Clarans are excited about my new and diverse perspective. 

     I want to thank all Santa Clarans for their trust and support.  I am grateful to our volunteers for their time, and tireless efforts.  It continues to be a beautiful experience...

Kind Regards,

Dr Mohammed Nadeem

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contribute - "We Can Do Better" - Seat 2

Working to make Santa Clara a better place to live and raise a family. Thank you very much for your support.

support us
Help us reach our goals

With gratitude...DrNadeem

408 840-4013

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