The "Choice is Clear" 

It is our honor
volunteer with us
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support us
Help us reach our goals
I Will Fight For You

To Strengthen Economic Vitality & create more affordable

housing throughout the city with less traffic congestion

& more open space.


Support From Vice-Mayor, Teresa O'Neill, City Council, SC.

Teresa O'Neill, Vice-Mayor, City Council, Santa Clara

   "Dr. Nadeem has long been a leader in service to the people of 

Santa Clara, having served in a wide variety of roles and 


   His strong education and business backgrounds are assets that 

will inform his future council service and help him bring new ideas

and solutions to our challenges.

   I am grateful for Dr. Nadeem's integrity, preparation, and 

willingness to serve our community."

[PS: Thank you Teresa O.---DrNadeem]
Council Seats - "Independent Candidate" - Mercury News
Mercury news article reported  July 30, 2016:
(by Ramona Giwargis)

"Nadeem said while he "strongly" supported the stadium project a

few years ago, he considers himself an "independent candidate".

Nadeem is a business professor at National University in San Jose

who has served as a civil service commissioner and ran for council

three times before":

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